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Secrets and Tricks – Purging your wardrobe!

Is it time to purge your wardrobe and give your look a boost?
A few tips for Spring/Summer

1. Remove the things that don’t fit, are out dated or you simply don’t wear anymore. Box them up or store them away. Make way for some key pieces in your wardrobe that will make you feel good.

2.Invest only in what you feel immediately good in.

3.Try on everything that catches your eye, and take the advice of our sales team, who can advise you on which items look good on you. Garments can look very different on your body than on the hanger, we often get caught up in a really narrow definition of what looks good on us!

4. Pay a little more for something you know you’ll wear for a long time, and that’s versatile enough to mix with other pieces in your wardrobe.

5. If you’re searching for something really specific, give yourself enough time to browse, try plenty of things on, and get some advice.

6.Consider, Am I buying this for the person I am now, or for some past version of myself?

7. Don’t pay attention to the number on the label, pay attention to the way things fit. There’s very little consistency amongst brands with regards to sizing.

8. Each season, invest in fashion forward statement pieces to update your look.

And Finally:

9. Come and enjoy your shopping experience at L’Armoire, where you’ll always get a warm welcome and  a wonderful choice of designer fashion.